Mickey's Not So Scary Party

Anyone see dates yet for 2018? Will be there in late August and want to avoid planning a MK evening the same night(s) as the NSS party.
thanks all!

The party is a hard ticket party. If you don’t have a separate ticket, they will make you leave if you are in MK that day. If you only wanted to go to the party, you can and you can get in around 4 PM, unless they have changed the times. I think the party starts at 7PM, so if you go to MK that day without a party ticket, you can stay in the park until that time.

I don’t think the dates are out yet but the historical information will likely give you a good guide to which days. If I am remembering correctly party nights are Tuesday, Sunday, Friday nights. Let me see if I can find a link to confirm.

Missed Thursday! These are the 2017 dates but should make your guess better until the official announcement.

KtP’s August 2018 calendar lists dates for MNSSHP. So far I have found that his advance calendars match the initial park hours when they are released on the WDW website, so these dates are probably accurate.

EDIT: Ignore the website title - the page has August 2018 calendars too.

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thanks much all…brklinck found the site…pretty good info, thanks!