Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Questions

Hi all,

A few questions for someone who has done the party in the past…

1.) Does anyone know what exactly the Frontierland Costume Promenade entails? It mentions that it happens in Frontierland before the parades, but is it something a 4 year old would enjoy? I ask because we were thinking we would do the Hocus Pocus Villans and then stay over that way for the parade, but if the Costume Promenade is cool, we may change around our plan…

2.) can anyone tell me if this is “too much” packed into the party. It is on our touring plans optimized, but I can move attractions to another day if necessary. Part my be if you think Frontierland Costume Promenade is worth it.We have additional days at MK so we do not have to do all these rides during the party. I just like the low wait times…

5:00-dinner @ Crystal Palace
Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
Buzz Lightyear Ranger Spin
Under the Sea-Voyage of the Little Mermaid
Peter Pan’s Flight
We would get done with all of that around 7:45

Then it has us doing 8:40 Hocus Pocus
9:15 parade
10:15 Disneys Not So Spooky Spectacular

3.) Any “best bets” for where to station ourselves for Hocus Pocus, Parade, and Not So Spooky Spectacular?


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This year is my first time at MNSSHP too. I’ll be going with DH, DS10 and DS7. I’ll be watching for your answers too.

I can speak for the parade…we generally station ourselves in frontier land for the second parade. It is usually less crowded plenty of spots to sit. Plus if the kids are tired we can see the whole parade and get out of of the park before the parade has finished on main street and the masses begin to exit the park. It was the perfect opportunity to hit some great photos from the photopass photographers at the entrance of the park with everything lit up.


No idea on the promenade.

I did not ride any of those during the party last year. However, we did a ton of rides. A TON … I really should have written them all down.

9:15 parade is reportedly more crowded than the 11:15 parade.
We watched the 10:15 fireworks very near Crystal Palace. View was acceptable. We walked up less than 15 min prior to start. We then headed down Main Street and got a spot for the 11:15 parade in town square (on the side where Mickey’s meet & greet is. Once the parade was over, we had an easy OUT of the park! :slight_smile: I highly recommend it if you think you can stay out that late.


Thank you! So you felt like you could ride a lot of rides and still experience the party?

A ton of rides and do the parade and fireworks and collect some candy - YES! Absolutely! We did not participate in any special characters.

I’m following along as I’ll be attending for the first time myself this year, along with my DD who has gone numerous times. I have no problem staying up late and absolutely cannot wait to go!

When I was last at MNSSHP, the wait for Peter Pan was about 30-40 minutes early in the evening. If you have a similar (or longer) wait for Peter Pan, then getting all that done by 7:45 will be a challenge.

Crystal Palace can be a long meal. Your server will tell you it might take 90 minutes for all four of the characters to come around, and I will say that both times I’ve been we’ve had to wait quite a while after we were finished eating to see them all. I don’t think you’d be able to eat there and do all those rides by 7:45.

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I would not use party time for a sit down meal. Just a thought!


Frontier land is the least crowded spot no matter which parade; but yes later one is usually less crowded. Trying to remember where we watched Fireworks :frowning: I hate getting old. Seems to me though when we went 3 years ago, it was fairly average crowd size. I think we were close to Hub for FW viewing. I made the mistake of doing the party on our arrival night and we had a pretty early flight, so we were pooped by the end of night. Plus I had us starting pretty early the next day. Won’t do that again this year.

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I agree. You miss out on expensive party time. You have less appetite for Halloween treats.

Other than the quick serve items like the Hades Nachos and the Munster Smash burger, do any of the TS restaurants have special Halloween menus?

We went to the Halloween party last year on Tuesday October 22nd maybe. Our plan was to get there by 4:00 but did not arrive until 6:00. Mainly due to the 1/2 day we spent at Epcot that morning that ended with a midday meal at Biergarten. We took some pictures walking up main street then headed to Rapunzel and Tiana meet and greet which had a posted 10 minutes but ended up being like 30 minutes. Went straight to the carousel by request of my 3 yo that was a walk on. Then Voyage of the Little Mermaid which was also a walk on. There was a treat stop at the exit of this ride which i did not realize until we walked right passed it. I was wondering why people were randomly gathering there and then didn’t want to turn around and go back in retrospect we should have. At this point the party had officially started Haunted Mansion had a 40 minute wait so we decided to skip. We roamed around frontierland, a little bc my plan was thrown off by the crowds and my phone was nearly dead bc i forgot to charge it after our morning at Epcot. The GPS on the disney App eats away your battery and i didn’t have the foresight at the time to have those extra battery chargers( I have one now) We went to 2 more trick or treat stops in frontierland. Then stood in line for Jasmine or Aladdin or someone. The line seemed short but was taking some time. Then at the last minute my DS3 had to use the bathroom very badly with no husband in sight to stay in line with my DD9 and DD11. He had gone to get some apple slushy bc it was hot AND my phone was dead so could not contact him. This was the end for my DD11. having to get out of line to take brother to the bathroom. Im sure the CM would have let us back in if I had explained. In retrospect I should have. Anyway, After that took a 15 minute breather with our apple slushy. Rode Magic carpets with 5-10min wait. Stood in line for Moana about 1/2 hour and then it was time for 9:00PM parade. We left right after bc kids were done! Hope this helps answer question 2 on your list. I do wish we would have spent less time with meet and greets and enjoyed the Hocus Pocus show and the monsters inc dance party. At the time we missed the beginning of the Hocus Pocus show bc of the unexpected bathroom break which set off my DD11. By the time that was resolving itself, the thought of walking allll the way to the other side of the park for the Monsters Inc dance party with 3 kids in tow seemed too much.

Get the candy towards the end of the night. They will not run out but you can and will end up with several pounds per person should you choose to. If you wait til later you don’t have to haul it all night.

I also like Liberty Square for the parade. No info on the promenade, sorry!

Unless it is your only chance to eat at CP, I agree with the others that I would not spend party time at a sit down meal.

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