Mickeys Christmas party

How fun is mickeys Christmas party ? We r going to be there nov 28-dec 6. I saw the 2017 dates and it looks like if we r gonna go it will have to be on our arrival day which is a tues, Friday, Sunday or the night before we leave a Tuesday night. R Friday’s and Sunday really busy . Should I just start off our trip with it. I’m afraid it would be to long of a day. If we end with it I don’t if it would be to hard to wait. Thoughts???

I’ve never been, but will be there around the same time. DD and I plan to hit the party on 12/1. Fingers crossed for not a boatload of people, I’m hoping it’ll be the post-Thanksgiving-pre-Christmas lull.

Hoping the overall park crowds will be low too. However, I have noticed quite few peeps posting that they r going the same time​:flushed:Let’s just hope Disney Is big enough for all of us :wink: .

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I absolutely love the Christmas party. We’ve gone that time of year for the past several years and the crowds have been more than I’ve liked (who doesn’t want to walk on everything?!) but it definitely hasn’t deterred us from choosing that week again! It’s such a wonderful time with the decorations and music…really kicks off Christmas in such a festive way! And the Christmas party is icing on the cake. The fireworks and parade are outstanding…the extra shows and dance parties are so fun…and if you like meeting characters there are some excellent chances!

We usually go home from wherever we’ve been at midday and rest before the party. And we try to be at MK by 4 (the earliest you can get in with just the party ticket) to beat the entrance crowds, eat, and jump in a heavy character line once it opens (7 dwarfs or jack/sally). We’ve gone before closer to 7, and just felt so panicked and rushed trying to get in and enjoy everything.

I think I read something about Tuesdays typically being the least crowded…but I’m not positive of that! Someone else will know, I bet. Whatever night…the crowd definitely thins after the parades!

The Christmas Party is my favorite paid event! To me when you combine Disney and Christmas magic happens! I love the parade and fireworks (the fireworks crew told me that all special event Wishes shows were remaining). It may just be my personal experience but I found people to be very kind to each other (children up front- making sure no one blocked fireworks views).

We went for the first time last year and thought it was absolutely fantastic! We went to the first party of the year and it wasn’t awful. Lines to meet the characters were pretty long but other than that, it was very pleasant.

I went many years ago and loved it. Who doesn’t want to see it snow on Main St. I really like the Christmas parade and other Christmas activities. Family picture and hot cocoa and cookie. You still have to plan it though. Doing everything probably isn’t going to happen, especially with young children. If you do your due diligence, plan and manage expectations(tough, I know), you can have a really enjoyable experience and some great Christmas memories. It is very expensive and a lot of people will tell you it isn’t worth the price.