Mickey's Christmas party Questions

My family is going to Mickey’s Christmas Party this year for the first time and I was wondering if anyone could give me a better idea of what to expect. It looks like the tickets let you in at 4pm but the party doesn’t start till 7. Are there things going on at 4pm, should you be getting in line for something or should I book a couple fast passes? Do the holiday touring plans offered here take into account that it doesn’t start until 7 or do they consider you starting at 4? How are things only offered to ticket holders? Do they rope areas off or are people always checking your tickets? I am curious as to what to expect so that I can plan well.

I have not been, but I have been to MNSSHP. you are given a special wrist band that shows you are a part of the party. That way CMs can easily check who should be at the party and who should be asked to exit the park. This is how things are only offered to party guests.

Yes the party ticket will let you in at 4. You can schedule fast passes from 4-7, but regular fast pass rules apply.

If there is a special character you wish to see you may line up before 7 I think.

This should help you to plan and see last years times guide.


I went for the first time last year and loved the party! You will have a great time! The park is open as a regular park day up to 7:00. If you do not use your FPs at another park people were able to pre- book with a party ticket, although I believe it was reported it actually is a glitch in the system. Do not expect that you can arrive at the MK and book a 4th or 5th FP is you use three at an earlier park. When I arrived last year the only choices at a kiosk were Magic Carpets and Tea Cups.

It can be challenging to move around between 4:00-6:45 or so. They start agressively asking people to leave the park around 6:30. They give you a band to wear for the party ( paper) and there are lines of CMs scanning the crowds. They will ask you repeatedly, “band?”, so make sure it is visible.

If people want to do a special meet and great, they usually line up well before 7:00. I wanted to see Main Street when the party officially started ( I had heard that it would snow right at 7:00 and that was right!).

Enjoy! I smile just thinking about that party!

We went for the first time last year. We got to the park around 5 (we were there earlier in the day as well) and it was a mad house trying to get in. We stayed around Main Street because we had a dinner reservation at Tony’s. Our DD got her first haircut on Main Street, we did some shopping, and took pictures until our dinner time. After dinner, we walked out and they were letting people line up for the parade. We just stayed right in front of Tony’s and had a great view for the parade, it was really wonderful!

Afterwards, we walked up Main Street and made our way over to 7DMT. The wait was about 30 minutes. The only downside to this was we missed Wishes. I wouldn’t do that again. BUT the fireworks were going off all around us while we were riding, which was pretty cool. We then made our way to Haunted Mansion, BTMR, and Splash Mountain… yes, I’m that nut who rides Splash in 50* weather. It was COLD! But so much fun. We caught the tail end of the 2nd parade and made our way to the exit.

We would have stayed later, but our DD was sound asleep in her stroller and it was getting chilly. Here’s a few shots of the parade. That’s my DD pointing at Santa. She was shrieking she was so excited!

We wanted to stay on Main St also for the experience and it was really wonderful!

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Thanks for all the info. so I am guessing the suggested touring plans for the Christmas party start at 7pm?

Yes,my plan started at 7:00 I believe, but you can do another one for earlier. Honestly though, I did not try to extend my time on my plan.