Mickey talks? Does he?

Got back from Florida a couple of weeks ago, speaking to someone at work about the trip and he said: “Did the kids talk to Mickey?” “No,” I said “They just kept quiet as the characters didn’t speak, of course” At which point he told me all about the fact that Mickey (Magic Kingdom) talks now. Well, he didn’t for us …

I gather that a new, talking Mickey debuted in 2013, so did they pull it after a while? Or was it a trial thing? Anyone know?

I have to say I thought it was potentially quite confusing for kids to see:

  • Mickey talking when on screen (e.g. Philharmagic)
  • Mickey silent/gesturing when doing meet/greet (town hall Magic Kingdom, explorer Animal Kingdom, sorcerer Mickey at Disney Studios)
  • Mickey talking on stage on Disney Jr Live show, Fantasmic

Kids must be wondering why they’re getting the silent treatment, ha!

Mickey usually talks but he sometimes has technical issues.

It’s only the Mickey on Main Street in Magic Kingdom that talks. If you meet him elsewhere, he won’t talk.

He sang Happy Birthday to my 8 year old son. Best moment ever!

We met the Main Street Mickey, but he wasn’t talking. I spoke to the handler very quietly to ask if he talks and he said that he wasn’t in a talking “mood” at the moment. Pretty disappointing as it had been promoted as a very cool experience. Seems to be hit or miss.

Highly recommend bringing little princesses to meet Mickey. It was by far the highlight of the trip for my daughter. Mickey called her his princess and danced with her.