Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Deluxe Extended Evening Theme Park Hours

What does everyone think about the consequences to the MK EETPH hours for deluxe guests with Miceky’s Very Merry Christmas Party?


The MK EETPH happen only one night per week. I think Disney could still do that on one of the non-party nights, since the parties usually happen just a few nights each week, not every night. If Disney wants to do a party on the typical EETPH night, they could just move the EETPH to a different night. They’ve moved them a few rare times, so it’s not unheard of.


Deluxe hours take place after regular park hours. I would expect MK could be open until 11 on a non-party night and deluxe hours could start at 11. This is the June schedule on some nights.

Reading this thread made me curious about current EETPH. I looked at the rest of May and June and only see EETPH for MK and Epcot. Is this typically the case? For some reason I thought EETPH happened at all four parks.

It has been scheduled two nights a week. It is usually MK/EP but one week it was HS instead of MK.


ETPE (Early Theme Park Entry) is at all four parks for resort guests…extra thirty minutes.

EETPH (Extended Evening Theme Park Hours) are only two nights a week for Deluxe resort guests, typically at EP on Mondays and MK on Wednesdays.

Confession…sometimes the alphabet soup makes me want to stab my eye out! =)

Thank you for clarifying…I was super confused. Trying to get back into the Disney rhythm after being away from the last two years. This community is invaluable for help with that!