Mickey’s Halloween Party

Since the parties sell out, are they too crowded to be enjoyable or are they manageable? We were thinking of going in October but waited too long and the date we wanted is sold out. Tuesday of the same week is still available but in order to go we’d have to shift our trip dates (we’ll be in Seattle the beginning of the week and would be flying to SNA on Tuesday and then going to the party that night if we decide to go). Not sure if it’s worth it or not, this would be our only time in the parks so we’d be interested in doing some rides, some characters, and the parade. We went to MNSSHP last year and enjoyed it.

i was there for a not so scary halloween party for the first time in October last year and i thought it was worth it, we got to ride a few rides seven dwarfs mine train we got on in 25 minutes the parade and fireworks were amazing and the park decorated at night looked great and all the candy i would deffo do again. it was busy but still managable no where near as busy as it is when the park is open normally in the day.

We went last year (Disneyland) - it was lots of fun. There were a lot of people there and the walkways were busy, but the lines were not bad at all. It seemed like lots of locals, lots of people trick-or-treating, lots of waiting for characters. The only ride with a longer-than-usual line was Haunted Mansion (with the Halloween overlay). Everything else was very manageable. Compared to the time I went to MSNNHP I would say Disneyland felt more crowded but the lines were comparable (not bad at all).

The park was definitely darker than usual and the decorations and music were different – Halloween-y as opposed to the usual peppy Disneyland music. The fireworks were also special for the party.

If you want rides, the party is a good option. The character lines might be more difficult – there are unique characters like Jack Skellington and some people wait hours for those meet-ups. Since you’ve already been to the WDW version, you have a good idea of what Disneyland’s version is like.