Mickey Pants sundae

I’m blanking out… I know the Mickey Pants sundae is available at Clarabelle’s in DCA… is it available at the ice cream parlor at Disneyland too?

Argh! Bummer. I wanted to get one next weekend when I was there for the race as a treat for my friend’s daughters, but they’re only going to have one park tickets - and DCA is not the park :slight_smile:

That’s the pic of the sundae at WDW which is $22.99. The one at Clarabelle is $11.99. :smile: Still the same container tho.


It looks so good! 22.99? Wow. Wonder why such a price difference? Maybe smaller container?

@Nana2011 @93111tink it’s same size container. WDW has more toppings: hot fudge, strawberry, caramel, two types of choco chips vs one but $11 more?

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Yeesh. Those topping should include gold leaf…

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Maybe a couple of Fast passes!!

WDW lowered the price. It’s $15.99 (or $14.99) can’t recall which, but I got it last month.

Where do they have the Mickey pants sundae at WDW?

I think at Plaza/Main Street Ice Cream shop in MK and Beaches and Cream.

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Last time I was at DCA you could get three or four different sundaes in the pants ;). We got something with Oswald in the name (exact name escapes me) and it had upright banana slices that looked like ears. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t $23.00 but I was in a vacation spending fog, so what do I know. We also asked the cm at the counter of the store next door for a plastic bag to put the pants in until we could get them back to the hotel and wash them. Worked out well!

Where at WDW can you find this…Mickey Sundae?

Responded earlier in this thread, believe Beaches and Cream st Beach Club, Plaza Ice Cream Shop in MK