Mickey Pants Sundae still available?

I know I’m not crazy (of course, maybe that’s exactly what the crazy wants me to think ;)) but I thought I read that there was a smaller version of the Kitchen Sink Sundae floating around IN Disneyworld (Magic Kingdom)? But now all I can find when I try to google is a blog post from like 2 years ago that talks about one in Disneyland, so that’s not really helpful. I’m looking for confirmation from someone who’s been there fairly recently (perhaps in the past year) that there’s a sundae that 2 adults could share in a Mickey pants souvenir cup? And if you happen to remember, what it cost?

Or maybe there’s a smaller, shareable one at Beaches and Cream? And if so, do I need an ADR to snag that hot mess or can I just walk up to the counter?

(Also, I think Disney has broken my brain… I’m like 2 days out from my 60 day mark and I’ve been doing nothing but trying to sort out what fastpasses go where to the point where I’m actually having dreams about them)


I don’t know what they cost but there are definitely Mickey pants in both the ice cream store on Main Street and at Beaches & Cream. It is available at the takeaway counter at B&C so no need for a table.

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Ah, thank you so much! Do you happen to remember if there’s a difference between the two?

The Pants were the same! Sorry I didn’t pay any attention to what was in them! If you google - people tend to refer to them as Mickey’s kitchen sink rather than Mickey Pants sundae.

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ahh thank you, I thought the kitchen sink sundae was the big one…I’ll check it out! Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

The confusion is that people don’t use the sctusl names! The kitchen sink sundae IS the huge one but people call the pants one the Mickey kitchen sink. At least I think that’s what it going on. Irregardless a Brit Forum I am on had had several shots of people eating the Mickey one in the last few weeks and I saw it in August so it’s definitely out there!