Mickey FP+ & POR travel time advice

My MK day is Thurs. 8/3. Traveling from POR in the afternoon & I have an ADR at Liberty Tree Tavern at 1pm. I also want our first FP+ to be Meeting Mickey in Town Square.
My 2 questions are:
1 - What time should I schedule the FP+ - is 12:30 okay?
2 - What time would we have to be at the bus stop at POR?

Rope drop is NOT an option. We visited last year & did 4 RD’s. We got so much stuff done in the mornings and had a blast, but this is a totally different type trip.

I know it’s early, but I want to have the beginning of my plan set.

I’d shoot to schedule the fast pass from noon-1 even if you get there at the tail end you’re set. Expect it to take you 15-20 minutes to meet the Mouse even with the Fast Pass. You’re generally ok to make almost any dining reservation at any park within an hour of leaving the stop. If you have a noon to meet Mickey and want to be on time to lunch, you should plan to met Mickey no later than 12:30 at the latest. This would mean leaving the bus stop at 11:30. The busses run every 20 minutes, if you want to be safe, plan to be there by 11:15.

Thank you.
We were unable to meet Mickey last time around so that’s a priority for us.
I have never stayed at POR before and people seem to bash their transportation system, but then again I heard the same about ASMu, & the busses were fantastic our last trip!

We’ve stayed at POR twice in the last year and the transit was great. There was one issue this time, which was odd. We had walked to the west depot since the busses always stop there first or so we thought. I forgot my phone, so told DW and DS I would run back and grab the bus at the South Depot and see them on the bus. Not so. I got on the bus and they weren’t there. I texted DW and they were sitting at the depot still. I got to Epcot before they were picked up. I believe based on this that during some periods they run a bus exclusive for the South Depot.

Interesting. I booked preferred and it looks like we are closest to South Depot.
Last trip I went to the front desk with my itinerary later in the evening when they were slow and the CM gave me all the info I needed & she was spot on every day. I plan on doing the same this time around. My mom does have the scooter though, so have to rely on busses for everything even though we will have our van.

The scooter with the busses will be legit. You’ll board first. We booked a king size bed so ended up being in building 18 , which is preferred and it was great. It’s almost equidistant from the two depots, is a really short walk to the main building and fairly close to the main pool with a quiet pool right next door. We almost always headed west and it for the most part great to get on and have a seat every time. Being as you’ll board first regardless with a scooter, I would always go to the South since it’s either serviced alone or is the last stop before heading to the parks.

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My DD actually hurt herself less than a week before our trip and ended up on crutches. We rented her a scooter (with an attachment on back for her crutches that resembled rocket launchers). We were quite the crew! We did have to split up once on the way back to the resort, but it wasn’t a big deal at all.
We are only going to the parks 3 days as DD was accepted into the DCP and this trip was totally unplanned!

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I saw the same rig on our last trip. My favorite was a scooter we saw with a glow in the dark moving skull on the front. The scooter at night looked like it would eat you if you didn’t get out of the way. It was a dope ride.