Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway

We are planning a trip to WDW in June 2019 and were hopeful that Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway would be open by then. In the past couple of weeks, it sounds like Disney said that the ride would open “in about a year,” which would suggest late summer maybe early fall. Does Touring Plans (or anyone) have any thoughts on the likelihood that the ride will be open in June? If it is not, we probably would not go to HS. Thanks!

I have a trip planned next August and when I first planned my trip I expected it to be open. I believe recent reports are that construction has been delayed and it will not be open until the fall?


Supposedly at D23 a few weeks ago they said it would open in “about a year,” which does not bode well for us. Our dining reservation window opens in a couple of days, so we are trying to figure out what to do.

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Unfortunately, it sounds like you heard the same thing . . .


“Fall”, as far as I know, is the target time for it to open, probably a month or so before SWGE opens…

I have heard “Fall” as well. When I first made my July 2019 TP, I had the option of adding MMRR but recently TP made me remove it :frowning:

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I just listened to the Jim Hill podcast with Drew Taylor. Jim said he heard that Disney is pushing to open M&MRR this spring, possibly by May 1 for the HS 30th anniversary. We’re planning a June trip so I’m getting hopeful!


That would be very nice - our next trip is the first two weeks of May. :slight_smile:


Is there a good place to go for any sneak previews or pics of it? I’ve seen some concept art but that’s it.

I’m visiting mid July. There are so many things that might be open by then. I’ll be really cross if none of them are.

What else is on your might be open list?

It’s possible that “so many” was an exaggeration.

Skyliner and the new Harry Potter ride are the two things I have my eye on, apart from Mickey and Minnie.


MMRR is one of the few things that has me hanging on to a Disney-centered December trip (along with TSL), as opposed to a SW/DC centered trip with some MVMCP nights).

still allowing me to have on my November 2nd TP… but this could change too. Wonder if it …whenever added… will be a tier 1

I looked through my “usual sources” and have found no recent pictures other than an aerial view of the roof and a picture of the repainted exit door. An “insider” with a very good track record for having solid info indicated he didn’t know where Jim Hill got May from; July is the earliest that he’s heard it might open. Of course nothing is “official”…

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There is a Florida AP that had HS blocked out for most of the year but recently they added through July?