Mickey and Friends Garage Opening

First question on this site–thanks to all who help w/information.

My daughter and I will celebrate her 21st birthday w/consecutive day trips to Disneyland and then California Disney on Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 9 and 10. We’ve always arrived early enough to get through the baggage check point and tram ride and still be in line at the gate at least 30 minutes before park opening. With both parks opening at 8:00 on those days, is it reasonable to assume the parking garage will be open at/by 7:00? We had an experience once of having to wait for the garage to open after we arrived, and I’d rather not lose more sleep that morning than I need to!


According to the book the parking opens 30 minutes before the gates.

Mickey & Friends opens 90 minutes before official park open, the Toy Story lot 60 minutes before official park open. My friend goes weekly and tries to get to M&F around 6:30 for 8am open. She gets there that early as to avoid traffic on the way there (she lives 30 miles away). By 7 should be good, unless you want to be close to the front of the lines at the gate, then I would recommend 6:30-6:45 am at the parking garage.


Thanks for this information–very helpful, as we do try to get near the front of the line (and been 1st in line a few times).

Appreciate your time to answer.

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