MF Smugglers run fp vs standby

I have not done this attraction yet. Is there a lot to miss out on in the fp line vs. Standby?

I’ve heard otherwise, SR takes you past the pre show but FPP won’t.

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I just double checked. My bad! Thanks for the update. I assumed they merged like a lot of other attractions.

Here’s a detailed article-- SPOILERS - Lots of photos of the FPP queue

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I used rider swap so have gone through the FP line as well as done SR, they are separate lines.

The FP line takes you to the point where you join the standby line right before the Hondo pre-show. You do miss the line portion that goes alongside the Millenium Falcon, but I think you get the main idea of this from outside the line. You walk up a ramp with a window looking into the other themed room of the ride, but I dont personally think you are missing much by not walking through that actual room. To me, you dont miss anything that would make it worth waiting in the SB line over FP.

The SR line does take you past the pre-show to the group assignments, but you still get to go into the Falcon and see the chess board and all of that.

Hope that helps!


Thank you all!

As I don’t want to see spoilers for the ride, am I right in reading that I miss seeing the part of the Millenium Falcon up close by having an FP? And also the pre-show?

I don’t actually like the sound of this. Sounds weird maybe, but part of me is also worried that I won’t understand what the ride is (OK, I know we fly in the MF, obviously) or what I have to do.

Would we miss all that by having an FP? I may have to plan to do this stand-by first and then get an FP for a later ride.

I looked at all the photos. It appears you do walk by the Falcon and get to see the preshow.

It appears you just bypass a lot of queue. I’m sure there are cool SW elements / cargo containers, but FPP lines appear to not really skip anything.

It’s the Single Rider line that skips everything up until the waiting room / chess board area. (I was confused about that in my first post.)


Ah, that sounds a lot better! You’ve reassured me. I didn’t want to read your linked article because of the spoiler alert (thanks for that).

I just re-read @TarHeelTiff’s post and realised they meant Single Rider not Stand-by. That was what was worrying me.

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Thats correct! You skip themed queue rooms with a FP, but I would not say you miss anything that would impact your understanding or enjoyment of the ride. You DO see the pre-show.