Why is this category called META? I clearly understand all the others but not sure where this name came from or what is means :flushed:

Meta used to be simply a prefix to create other words.

In tech circles, the meta- prefix meant “about its own category”. For example, in databases, meta-data (now metadata) are data about data stored in the database (table names, column names, data storage requirements, etc).

Popular usage has co-opted that meaning, and meta has become a standalone adjective that essentially means anything self-referential.

Meta in a TV show, for example, is when the TV show script references something about the TV show itself (an in-joke).

Meta, in this case, are forum topics about the forum.


Thanks @dfwdusfan. So it’s a term for tech geeks. I thought that might be the case. Just thinking for the rest of us dummies another name might help understand. Whole world or something all encompassing. Just a thought for us non tech peeps