Mermaid School

Has anyone done the mermaid school yet? I thought I saw it started in mid April. My daughters are booked for this August…but I am excited to hear how other people are enjoying it!

what is Mermaid school? intrigued…

Kids get learn how to swim like a mermaid, spend an hour before the pool opens with an instructor and be fitted with a tail. Sounds fun…just curious to see how it all actually works. Its only at a handful of the resorts on different days of the week. We are doing it at Caribbean Beach.

sounds fun!

Signed my DGD up for our trip in June. We are at AOA and (if I remember correctly) it is offered there on Tuesday and Thursday. Sessions are first thing in the morning, 8:30am and lasts an hour. I planned it as a surprise but she saw one of the ads so I printed a “certificate” and gave it to her as a birthday gift. She squealed!

I will try to remember to give a report on how it goes.

Where do you sign up? Couldn’t find it on the Disney website

A friend is in Disney with his daughter right now, and they did mermaid school yesterday. His daughter was tired and grumpy and not feeling it but once it started she had an amazing time and wouldn’t leave the water. I think that’s a win!


Haven’t done it yet, but we have our daughter booked for it in July. Interested to hear about it if anyone has already experienced it!

Any reviews on this yet from anyone? Pictures would be awesome too! :slight_smile:

My DGD did Mermaid School during our trip last month (at AOA) and had a fabulous time. I thought it was well worth the expense. There was even a mom in the class. The instructor said they were hoping to expand to more resorts soon and are trying to add an adult class too.


That’s great to hear! DD will be doing it on Wednesday!

We’re here doing it right now. 8 girls aged probably 5 to 11 in this group. A few really strong swimmers, a couple struggling to do anything. Honestly doesn’t matter though, the instructors are awesome, giving them all one on one attention and tailoring it to the strengths/weaknesses of each individual. DD is having a blast. I can’t recommend this enough. For Disney World, 55 bucks for this is a solid value.


Do you recall the price to buy a tail to keep if you wanted?

You can get $20 off buying one at the pool. Regular price is $135 so it would be $115 with the discount.

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