Merida Meet?

Only princess DD (10) is interested in meeting is Merida. On Disney’s character calendar it shows me times for her only through early Feb and she’s not an option in the TG drop down menu.

Is Disney keeping her and should i just pick a “rest” slot near when we are at the Carousel & estimate 30 minutes? How do I plug her into the TG?

We are going on a Friday in mid-April (not near Easter).


I would be very surprised if Merida went away. She is one of the most popular princess meets and almost always has long wait times.

I would suggest doing as you say - put in a break when you’re in the vicinity and label it “Meet Merida”. I would suggest making it a 45 minute break, though - waits can be as long as that.

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I’m doing an Early Morning Magic event during my stay, and my plan is to hit up Tiana and Rapunzel right as the park opens and then fly straight to Merida for hopefully a short wait as the Rope Drop crowd rushes to 7DMT and PPF, then on to my breakfast at PVH before leaving and going to Epcot. I’m hoping the Merida line does not become huge while we are meeting Ti and Raps!