Merida: master horse rider

Does anyone know how this finally ended?

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For a non-rider she sits those first few rears/bucks well in a dress!!

Good example of why they don’t have balloons at AK.


That would freak any animal out :open_mouth:

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Awww, that poor horse. The handlers did well to calm the horse down and Merida seemed to know what she was doing.


Oh that poor horse, I can’t imagine how spooked it was. They all did wonderfully at calming it down. I bet it will lead to no more horses in MK sadly. We just can’t have nice things - tie down the balloons people (or stop selling them, you know the whole plastics thing). That could have ended so poorly for the horse, the rider and bystanders. Hard to watch as an animal lover.


They might just need to train their horses around loose balloons. Of course, a horse can be spooked by anything.

Oh poor horse. It may have been handle the balloon of it wasn’t wrapped around its legs :weary:

All the CMs did great.

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I am really wondering how it ended. When the video stops the problem hasn’t been solved.

According to the video taker, they removed the balloon backstage, so I’m guessing they were able to lead the horse away.


Wow, they handled that very well. I’m impressed.

Ultimately, they had to put it down…:pensive:
Poor balloon.

Oh! The horse is fine. Pissed, but fine.



My uncle was a ferrier—he worked on horses’ hooves for a living, so he’s pretty much an expert at keeping horses calm and so on. He was out riding his horse one day, and a plastic grocery bag tumbled by. It spooked the horse so bad that the animal reared and fell on him, crushing his right leg. My uncle’s leg had to be amputated at the hip.

Horses are beautiful animals, but they’re so dangerous because of their size that I am really leery of having them at a crowded place like Disney World.


But then mechanical horses (slash dragons) set themselves on fire and that’s not ideal, either.

The thing that stood out to me was the fact that the woman (guest) pulled down her mask. I’m not saying it was bad (it was probably only her family near by) but that of all the things going on in the video, that is what I noticed.

Hmm. Was the woman in the mask (pulled down) the mother of the child who lost the balloon? I noticed the man (husband?) Was leaning down slightly as if attending to a stroller bound child.

I almost imagine that the mother was upset that her $20 balloon is gone! :wink:

(Which, for the record, I am sure isn’t actually the case)

I noticed that too, but wasn’t going to point it out. I saw she pulled down her mask to talk (defeating the purpose of the mask) to question her child, “Why are you crying?!” The pulling down her mask to talk really bugged me for some reason.

I hope the parents didn’t demand a free replacement balloon

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