Merida, Eeyore and Princess meets

Hi, first time to post and could do with some help please!

I’ve asked my daughter’s which characters they would like to meet. After the initial, oh no one, we are too grown up ( at 9 and 11!!), they said Merida and Eeyore!!! My husband and I would like a princess meal/meet as we didn’t do it in Paris (3 years ago) and have always regretted it.

How/when can do do all this without crazy lines/expense? Obviously happy to pay for a character meal but preferably not three!

Thanks for reading x

Merida meets in Fantasyland, it’s a very popular meet so you need to RD it.

Eeyore only meets at Crystal Palace at MK, breakfast will be cheapest and we really enjoyed it.

If you are happy with just a princess meet rather than meal, they meet all over the place and you can get FPs for some.

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Thank you, will amend my TP to meet Merida, I’m guessing there is no FP for it?

So brekkie at Crystal Palace? That’s in MK? I wonder if I can combine both and get early breakfast followed Merida Meet. And maybe a dinner at Be Our Guest or maybe the one that has Mary Poppins another night?

Be Our Guest only has Beast and only at dinner. Mary Poppins is at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian with Alice, Mad Hatter, Pooh and Tigger, but only for breakfast. Dinner is Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine and usually the step sisters but sometimes it is a mouse or fairy god mother instead.

The princess meal in MK is in Cinderella’s castle (restaurant is Cinderella’s Royal Table) and has about 5 princesses at all meals (as far as I know). There is also a princess meal in Epcot in Akerhaus (Norway) which has about 5 princesses at all meals.

A pre opening breakfast at Crystal Palace may not get you to Merida in time to avoid a long wait. She is very interactive so the line doesn’t move quickly. I’d go straight there at 9, she starts meeting at 9.15 I believe, and do breakfast around 10-10.30. She doesn’t have FP but you can FP Ariel and the princesses in Fairytale Hall - I don’t recall who they are, they meet in 2s. Anna and Elsa are over in Norway and don’t take FPs but have a short wait. Other princesses meet in the countries at Epcot but outside.

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no merida fp

That’s what I said?

lol. I wasn’t being rude. :grin: I didn’t see it.

I’m sick. just trying to be helpful. :+1:

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Haha I was just confused, I thought I must have said she did by accident but I checked and I didn’t.

Feel better!

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Thank you both for your help. I’ll amend my plans. Trust my two to pick hard to find characters lol. What’s wrong with Mickey???

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it’s all good. :+1:

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We met Merida last week, her line only had about 20 people but took a solid 35-40 minutes. This was mid-day, maybe 11am? Crowd levels on TP say it was a 6 but it was nearly wall to wall people most of the day with hour or more waits on every major ride, so I would say CL was higher. The point is, it was manageable but long.

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Where in Fantasyland is Merida?

Fairytale Garden, it’s kind of opposite Cosmic Rays, before the Cheshire Cafe if you’re coming from Main St. I’m not good with directions!

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We found her! Thanks!