We leave for Disney next Tuesday and am getting ready to purchase Memory Maker. I have a question and would appreciate your help soon as I would like to
purchase tomorrow to receive the $30 discount. I have a My Disney Experience and have all of our group of 11 listed as friends and family on my account and I made the plans on my account. I will not be riding on all the rides with teenage grandchildren and am wondering if we would get photos of rides that they do alone or does my Magic band only trigger the photos? No one else is interested in an account and the grands log in to my My Disney Experience to view their dining reservations, FFP, etc. Thanks so much for your help!

You will get them in almost all cases (I only say that b/c we had a couple rogue ride photos one trip so I tried to tap my band as I exited the rides when I remembered just to be sure). You will only be able to download without the watermark from your MDE account but since they don’t have one, no issue there.

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Our MM was linked to my MB and when DD had photos taken they did not show up. I went to the photo store on the way out of the park and they put those photos on my MM. It only took a few min to do this so I would check on my way out to make sure we had all our photos. For some reason I have 4 photos of another family mixed in with mine so things happen. Just check and all can be fixed.

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Thank you so much!