Memory Maker

Can anyone tell me the cost for Memory Maker and if you feel it is worth it for an adults only trip?

It’s $149 if you buy it ahead of your trip. $199 if you buy it there.

I’m a huge fan of it and on my trip in May with friends (adult only) we got tons if use from it.

@Sorcerers_Apprentice and @BeckyVee seem to be using it right now and getting lots of cool pics on their adventures.


That’s the link to their adventures.

The attractions only option is still available too. That’s $49(?). I’d have to confirm the price with that one since I always get the full MM

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We are considering this for our next trip. What do u love about using it @DarthD?

We pre-purchased it for our upcoming trip. I loved having the Photopass+ (or whatever it was called prior to Memory Maker). I couldn’t believe how many pictures we ended up having by the end of the trip. There is no way that we would have had that many without it. And most of the pictures were really good. We ended up using one of them for our Christmas card.

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@sukaryan: I’m usually the photographer. So I love that I can get in the pictures with them. I also do both: have them take the picture with their camera and then take it with mine.

I love the various magic shots that you can get around the parks.

And I love that I can add the borders and play with the photos afterward.

The price is awesome. You only need 10 ride pics to break even with the cost of the full MM. Ride pics are about $14.99 each if you buy ala carte.

Then you have all the pics from around the parks.

I generally come back with about 300 MM pics. So for me, it’s a steal.


Here is another posting that has come about, it may interest you.

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Thanks that is very helpful and gives me something to think about.

Can you view the photos on MM from the iphone MDE app while in the park?

When we used MM in February, you could not access it through the MDE app. However, if you use a web browser like Safari on your phone, you can log into the full website version of MDE and view your photos that way. Log in like you would on your computer, and navigate to the Memory Maker page. I kept MDE bookmarked on my phone browser because sometimes the app was glitchy and I could more easily get to what I needed through the full site. I wouldn’t use it this way all the time, but it’s good to have for back up, and great for checking to make sure all your photos show up each evening.

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Thanks @SallyEpp_cot. If I access it thru my browser at the parks then will the clock start ticking at that time and I will have less time after returning home to work on my pictures?

@stonecold. Like @DarthD said, I have memory maker this trip but only because it was included in the AP room only package. It’s been fun getting the magic shots and will be nice to have photos of my trip with @BeckyVee. However, I don’t think I would ever pay for Memory Maker unless I was sharing the price with others. I guess because I do some kind of serious amateur photography I am extremely frustrated by the low quality of the photos that are taken by the photopass photographers. They really don’t seem to have much training in composition or photographic technique. I think they are just given “stock” camera settings to use and they run with it. The night time photos tend to be really horrendous. And really, if I’ve learned how to take decent photos, paid photopass photographers should be able to do it as well.

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I don’t think looking at the pictures effects the deadline for downloading them. I could be wrong, so hopefully someone else will verify.

I think the clock starts when you download your photos online after your trip. The FAQ on MDE says this: “Once you download the first photo—or otherwise redeem your Memory Maker purchase—you then have 30 days to capture more photos.” I don’t think just looking at them to make sure they’re there counts.

It’s also says that photos expire on a different timeline. “Disney PhotoPass photos, photos from select dining locations, photos from select attractions and any other media in your account are subject to the Disney PhotoPass Expiration Policy and currently expire 45 days from the date the photo was taken.” This seems to be a different clock. I hope this helps. Maybe someone else with more knowledge will chime in.

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Thanks @kelly @darth and @sa. Since I would be sagging with two other couples I think I’ll go ahead and book it.

We have MM for our trip in Dec. does everyone on the reservation have it linked to their magic band? Also if my friend’s res is linked to ours, will it be linked to her magic band as well? Thanks!

I asked this a few weeks ago on the chat but I am still unclear of how I will use MM if I do not have a MB. Is there a card that they mail you? I am sharing with a friend who will be there just before me. Can she just hand me the card (if there is one, like old Photopass) when they come back for me to take with me?

I agree completely with @Sorcerers_Apprentice. I had free MM with my room res. I liked having it to get special pictures with my niece, who was with me from Texas, but the quality is just not there. Wouldnt pay for it

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Can you share it with people who are staying offsite? You just have to be “friends” with them on MDE, right?

I purchased memory maker for my daddy/daughter trip last week and i am so glad i did. We ended up with approximately 50 ride photos and 250 others. If you like ride photos, plan on meet n greets, and will stop for photos i think its worth it no matter what the make up of your group.