Memory Maker with multiple families

I have pre purchased memory maker and it is linked to my tickets/ magic band and WDW app/account. There are 3 families total within our travel party- each family has there own WDW account and it is linked to mine.

  1. When we enter the parks to get a photo taken can anyone in our party scan their bands or does it have to be only the 3 people who control their families WDW account?

  2. To view our pictures/videos we have to log onto photopass correct? and not WDW account? How does this work?

Everyone who is listed as a “friend and family” in YOUR MDE (the MDE that has the MM assigned) can use their MB to add photos. The photopass is actually a drop down option on your MDE Towards the end of the list.

Two important a things to remember about sharing

  1. all edits need to be made in your account
  2. all downloads need to be made in your account
    (The account with the MM assigned to it)

Thank you!