Memory maker vs. dessert party

Hi everyone,
We have gotten MM in the past and have enjoyed the photos but this time I think we will do the HEA dessert party instead. Any thoughts? I really appreciate your input!! This trip is one day MK, one day Epcot, one day Universal.

I’d never pay for memory maker, the pics they take with our camera are usually better. And with only 2 park days you won’t get the value from it. I think dessert party is the way to go.


Since you will only be in the parks two days I would definitely go with a dessert party.


We only do MM for longer trips. I wouldn’t usually choose a dessert party, but I think the value is not there for MM for a two day visit. Do the Dessert Party and then, if you are so inclined, find a MM share group so you can do that too, at a discount!

We like MM for our week long trips. For 2 days, do the dessert party.

Thanks so much!!! I wouldn’t normally pay for a dessert party either but I think it will be worth it to avoid the crowds with HEA. Usually there are at least 8 people traveling but this time just 2😀

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I vote for dessert party. I think MM is a scam. British people get it bundled in with our tickets. But I would never pay for it. It’s hugely expensive and the photo quality can be patchy. Plus they will take photos with your camera if you ask.

The dessert party for HEA makes your life so much less stressful.

Thank you!!! I think on our 2 other trips there were a total of 6 photos we enlarged so not worth it…I’m always afraid we are going to miss out on some fantastic photo but the ones we take ourselves are so fun!

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You can always buy that one great photo if it shows up in your MDE account.

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That’s right!! Thanks!!

In addition to getting the dessert party, I would also go a step farther and recommend the after-firework one. Less stress as it’ll provide not only more time to enjoy the deserts but allow you a respite while the crowds vacate the park.