Memory Maker split with family

My sister bought the Memory Maker for us to split on our vacation. It shows up on her account, but even though we are listed as friends and family, I can’t see it on mine. When she called to ask, she was told that it would be fine. But I seem to remember that it showed up for both of us last time. Since we won’t always be together, I want to make sure that the pictures of my family also show up in the account. Does this seem right? Thanks!

Have you both got the “share plans” box ticked on MDE?

I do on mine. i will have to get her to log in at my house so I can check hers. Thanks for the suggestion.

It’s the only thing I can think of. :slightly_smiling_face:

You will not be able to see the mm on both accounts. Just make sure that everyone who will be collecting pictures with their bands is connected to her account. Even people whose accounts you manage within your MDE need to be connected. She will have to login to her account to download all the pics. You will see your pics on your account, but they will have watermarks.