Memory Maker Share September 2019

I know it’s early… I’m normally late. But looking for 5 groups for Memory Maker Sharing. My dates are Sept 6-Sept 15 2019. I’ve run 1 before, but would love someone else to run it. If not available, I can run it. Let me know if you are interested and your dates are close.

We are staying Sept 7-13 and would be interested in a share!

Sorry I missed this. That would be great! When we are 6 of us, I’ll start a group.

Your dates are within my dates. Not sure if you are interested, but I’ve done a lot of research for my dates. You can look it over if you think it will help.!AvpElLVcl_Qa8z3XVB_g0fEAN_Wn. The Main Page is my trip. The other pages are wait times, Day of Fast passes, and heat maps. You can copy this one, and make changes very easily for your specific parks and reservations and such.

Wow, you have done a lot of research. Your plans look amazing.

We also would be interested, our dates are september 5th to 14th. :slight_smile:

Great. I’ll get to working on a facebook group, and get you all invited. I guess it’s never too early!

Thanks, It’s come along way since my first trip in 2014.

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wow nice plan, i see that we are mostly doing the same parks on the same days :slight_smile:

We are “Liners”!!! Of course we are doing most parks the same days. It’s the benefit of the inside information. Are you a member of “September 2019 Liners” ? It’s on Facebook. Just a little discussion of people heading to the parks in September. It can be found here I have created a private group for the MM Share. It can be found here:*****************/ Ian hasn’t responded yet. I’ll open up our share in the Liner’s group for September… We will fill quickly… and if you would like me to make different days for you in the spreadsheet, let me know… I have the template, so it’s really just cut and paste for me.

Thank you so much! Im so excited for the memory maker, i never had this before and it would not be in our budget if not sharing it so thanks a lot!

Ian, We are filling up. Want to make sure you have a spot if you are still interested. also check out our liner group! Mentioned them earlier this post.

So you all all get together and split the cost of the Memory Maker?

My family of five is going between the 7th and 13th.

What’s a “liner?”

Yes. Memory Maker is allowed to be shared between friends and family. It’s 30 days, but no one goes to Disney World for 30 days, except maybe season passholders. (But they get memory maker included I think). Your dates are great, as long as we are all there within the same 30 days. And Touring Plans has an app called “Lines” to help you to plan and avoid lines at the park. So the name “Liner” Stems from that. But anyone that uses this particular site and all the tools available here, I consider a liner. I don’t use the app as much in the park. But the app integrates with this site.

Cool. Thanks for the clarification.

We still have room for 2 more groups. If anyone is interested our Facebook Group is :*****************/ or if you don’t like facebook, just post here… I’ll see ya… We are now full. If you would like help starting your own Memory Maker Share, I’ll be glad to help.

If anyone else decides to lead another Memory Maker Share for Sept. 2019, I would love to be in it. There are just 2 of us going and our dates are Sept. 4-8. Thanks!

How does a shared Memory Maker for a group work? I know the basics of MM for family. Everyone connects on MDE and the one person holding the MM is the only one who can download the photos. How would this work for share group? Thx!

Works basically the same way. The account holder downloads all the photos and puts them on a cloud drive. We actually have a “Dummy Account” that holds the Memory maker. All members of our share can log into this account, and edit photos and such. I don’t do editing within Memory Maker, but the ability is offered to those that would like to do so.

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Hey Angeleast, there is a Facebook Group of just liners going to Disney World in the month of September. Might be a good spot to start making your MM Share group. The link is