Memory Maker share - Sept Oct 2018

Would anyone be interested in a memory maker share group for Late Sept / Early Oct 2018? My dates are Sept 29 - Oct 6. Thanks!

I’m going the end of sept (20-29) and already purchased the memory maker. What is memory maker share?

A memory maker share is when several groups pitch in together and share the cost of the MM. It works because you can link people together and everyone’s photos show up.

That being said, a MM share requires a bit of knowledge to run. There are plenty of posts about the general points of a MM share which you can search for.

In essence it works like this:

  1. One person purchases a MM package, sets up a dummy MDE account and assigns the MM package there.
  2. THe other group members send $$ to the group leader (20% each if there are 5 groups).
  3. All the people in the share connect with the dummy account.
  4. Pictures show up in the account and the leader handles the distribution.

All of this being said there are rules about how much time can elapse between the time the MM is first used and when the pictures can be downloaded etc.

Point is, if you want to lead a share, you will need to really read up on the procedures so you get all of the technical aspects correct. Its not like brain surgery, but it does require some familiarity with using MM. A lot of people join a share before leading one.

That is it, in a nutshell.

Im interested ny dates are Oct 14-20

I’m interested oct 7-12

I’m interested! My dates are 9/29 - 10/6