Memory Maker Share Nov 2015

I see all types of shares for September. Is anyone interested for November? My dates are Nov 12-19. Just 2 in my party. Also I have not done a share before, so would love someone else to host, although I will if necessary. I’m sure if we get 5-6 groups, one of us can figure out what we are doing! Also is it limited to 6 groups? I see so many saying they are full.
I look forward to your responses.


I think you can have 10 families from my understanding.

There are shares in the fb liners group for November.

I’ve been seeing the posts for this and I don’t understand what it is. We are a small party of 3 going from Nov 12-21 and would obviously benefit from this.

From my understanding it is 170 dollars for unlimited pictures taken by Photo pass Photographers. It last for 30 days, but you can get groups of people to go in together. So if we made a group with just us, we pay half of the 170 dollars or 85 dollars a piece. I will be able to see your pictures and you would be able to see mine, because it would be a shared account. You will have 60-90 days to get all your pictures onto your computer. If for whatever reason you wanted mine, you could download them too. Now we add more groups and make it to 4. Our price apiece is now 42.50, and you still get your unlimited pictures, although you would have to pick through more of other peoples pictures. The only draw back to more people is that someone in our group could change the password of the account. But I can’t think of any reason that someone would do that. Especially a Disney Lover, and a “liner.” Just saying it could happen. Now according to leolvr1209 up there, there is a facebook with established groups for November, so I’m gonna head there and check it out because this will be my first time and I am not sure 100 % how to do it. I would hate for it to be my fault that someone lost their pictures.

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Hey leolvr,
Thanks for the information. Sorry, I’m not as savvy on facebook. I found the touring plans page. Is there a way to search for what I’m looking for, or just roll down post on the first page til I see what I am looking for.
Thanks for the Direction, and taking the time to let me know it’s there.

Thank you for answering this for me. I can see why it would nice to do this and save. Thanks again.

I will be going from 11/30/15 to 12/4/15 I am interested if it works for me to be there.

I just set up a share for the first time for my sept/oct trip

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Hey Jedi,
I am actually in a share on facebook. Come to November 2015 liners group on facebook. If we can’t get you in, it’s the place to get in with someone. You may also want to join December 2015 liners. You have plenty of time. I started this thread way too early. (LOL) Live and learn.

Thanks @HaroldL, I usually avoid facebook, I have had an account for years and I log in maybe one every other year. :open_mouth:

Yep… Me too Jedi. I don’t know what these Disney Liners are doing!!! I haven’t logged in in at least 2 years, but that’s how it goes now. You can send me an email at and I’ll keep you in the loop. I so understand the facebook dislike.

I’ll check out facebook (well, the Mrs. will, I don’t do facebook), but I’m interested in joining a share, trip dates 11/14-11/20

I am not on Facebook but hubby and I will be there 11/10 and leaving 11/14.

If anyone is putting one together, I would love to join. We’ll be there the first week. Unfortunately, I’m not on Facebook.

You all feel free to coordinate in this thread or start your own. I do understand the aversion to Facebook. Not a fan myself. but just over the last week, I have noticed a couple of things. 1. This forum was hot on September MM share on the first of August. If that holds true, First part of October would be best for November MM Share. 2. The people that have experience putting these together ARE on Facebook “November 2015 Liners” is the group name that they are in for November. 3. I get approximately 1 post for this Forum per day. Approximately 5 post per day on Facebook. 4. The Group I joined had too many people requesting, and we had to turn groups away.
I am not saying to join Facebook by any means, Just saying this forum will take more time and effort to get a group together, and coordinated for a MM Share. You will also want to have a private area where you and your group can get coordinated. This could be as simple as an email group, but some MM Share Leaders will shy away from email group.
Best of luck to all of you, on your quest.

Sorry just saw this. Did you figure it out?

No problem at all Leo. I did… and thanks for the direction.

You can private message here. I am doing this from memory but click on the name and send a private message. You will see a green bubble indicating you have a message opposite the blue bubble indicating responses.

I’m organizing a share. My dates are October 24th and 25th. Early November dates would work for the share. Let me know.

I’m definitely interested. I messaged you already with my dates. Thanks.