Memory Maker Share May

I had sticker shock for memory maker! Is anyone doing a share that I could join? I’m going at the end of May.

Hi, I am going end of May as well and would be interested in a memory maker share! I have no idea how to set it up though I’m a bit technically challenged!

I am going May 29-June 5 and would be interested. I haven’t purchased MM yet (but intend to either way). From my understanding, one of us would purchase and then we’d link up through F&F (and pitch in)?

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Awesome! I’m not sure how to set it up but I could figure it out. If the three of us shared, it would be about $70 each.

Is anyone else interested in joining?

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I found a couple of older threads, this one has a whole guide to doing a MM Share linked:

I do already have a “dummy” account that I set up a few years ago to do FP+ with a Christmas Party ticket. I guess I hadn’t thought of it but you want the “owner” (the document linked refers to it as the “leader” to be someone with no active plans.

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Do you want to lead the share using your dummy account or would you rather me lead from my end? I don’t mind either way. We can move this convo to private message if no one else chimes in to join.

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Let me read through the documentation and see what sounds most feasible. We can see if anyone else expresses interest in the next day or two?

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Sounds good!

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That sounds good to me too thanks

I’ll be there 5/28-6/2 and would love to join a share. I haven’t done one before so will also need help!


Awesome! Welcome :hugs:

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I’m there also from 5/28-6/2 and interested!

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I will message everyone sometime tomorrow (Monday 4/15) to get things rolling and make sure everyone wants to participate!


I messaged everyone who expressed interest in this thread, @ozziecrew555 @MidwestMel @DisneyDooleys @mswhite

Maybe twice…apologize if that happened :rofl:


I’m also interested if it’s not too late. We’ll be there the final week of May.

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@willsob I’m sending you a message, you’re in if you’re interested! I am hoping to purchase and add everyone to F&F in the next couple of days but not really in any rush other than I just want to make sure everything is working correctly. Just try to let me know as soon as you can.

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If I’m not too late I have a memory maker I’m willing to share if you want to use it for this group.

I’m there from 7th -16th of May. My MM is linked to my ticket so won’t be available until 7th of May, but I understand it can be used after my departure date.

I read through the pdf guide, but it’s pretty old. Do you know how sharing works if only using the app to manage photos?

That’s how I downloaded all of my photos last time I purchased MM. I didn’t mess with a zip or use the website at all. That said, I also didn’t use any of Disney’s editing options. I do remember it being very clunky back in 2018.

The last time I personally used MM was last April but I helped a friend who used it in October. As far as I know and have experienced, you can only do the batch downloads from the web/browser. And also only editing (adding borders, etc.) can be done in the web/browser version. You can save individual photos from the app. I’m not 100% sure if they will have the watermark on the app?? Unless you are logged in to the dummy account. I’ll look around in the Facebook group I joined to see if there is any recent info.

I did a MM Share last year.

  1. I set up a dummy account because everyone can download their own pictures without the watermark.

  2. We purchased the MM on the dummy account.

  3. Everyone on the MM Share were friends in the dummy account.

  4. Everyone had the log in and password to the dummy account.

  5. We scanned our MB for PP. The pictures appeared in the dummy account without watermarks. The pictures also appeared in our personal account with watermarks. But they can still be downloaded.

  6. We could download on the app or on the web browser through the dummy account without watermarks.

  7. I don’t see any border and sticker options in the app or on the web browser. The last time I saw them was in 2019.

  8. Make sure you click the right options on what the dummy account can see.

I personally download the MM pictures on my computer through the web browser. I batched a bunch and downloaded. Yes, they are zip files but the computer has no issue unzipping them in a few seconds.

Hope this helps.

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