Memory maker share late July/early August 2018

Hey all. I’m super excited because we got our tax refund news today which means we will definitely be able to take our Disney vacation this year! Last one was in 2011 when daughters were 2 and 9. They are now 8 and 16!
So, I know that sometimes people do memory maker share and I would love to do that. Someone can tell me if it’s too early to inquire about that or not. Our trip is July 29- August 4. Let me know if any are interested. Thanks!

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We are doing a quick trip Aug 9-11, would be interested if enough were in to bring the cost down…otherwise I will just skip getting it…I’ve never done a share before so would need details…

I’m interested too, but my trip is not till end-August (8/23 - 9/1) don’t know how the timing works and if that would still be feasible?

I would be interested (although have no idea how it works). We will be there July 30-Aug 5. Let me know how it is all set up!

Just refreshing my memory on how this worked for us last time, and I’m realizing my trip may be too far out from the first one. I believe you get 45 days from the time of the first image being uploaded to the account, and with me being at the end-August/beginning of Sept, I’d have to really rush to get at my pics before they are unavailable.

I believe the “owner” needs to be the first person arriving, and once they purchase, they “link” the others as friends in the MDE interface.

Just noticed the responses here. I have actually already plugged into a group. I would suggest joining the Facebook group Memory Maker Share. Someone reached out to me about that and I hooked up with a group within days. Good luck!!

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I’m interested too. My trip will be Aug. 4-11. I’ve never shared memory maker before. Do we just make each other friends on the My Disney App? As long as we are friends on the app, does it take everyone’s pictures?

We will be there Aug 6-11, so I’m interested in sharing. I read some info on it a while back, and I believe you are correct about the App.

I will message you both about setting it up! :slight_smile:


You interested in sharing a MM? I think that the best way to do a share is to go in with people that are going to be in the park about the same time. We could set up a dummy account and link our families - and any other family going the same dates we are. I think doing a share with too many people over too long a time period can appear like fraud if Disney is doing any checking of the MM account.


Just FYI- we have, I think 5 in our group. It was $34 per person. From what I’ve read, no rules against this from Disney. But yes, we set up a dummy account to link to. I’m not the main one in charge of my particular group but there are well established procedures for doing it. Might want to do a search on disboarss for detailed instructions.

I am interested for dates at the end of August.

I’m going 8\25-9\1 is it too late to do a share?