Memory Maker Share - Labor Day 2020

We’re heading to WDW from September 3rd - 7th. Anyone interested in sharing a memory maker? I’ve done two shares before without a hitch. Please let me know if anyone’s going the same time.


We’ll be there a little later in the month. I would be interested if we could get a group together.

Awesome. Thanks! Hopefully we can get another family or two. :blush: Have a great day.

Sounds great! Thank you :blush:

Hello again. Just wanted to check in. So far I’ve had no other “bites” from interested families. I was thinking that maybe we can work out a deal where we both benefit?

We’ll be there in 9 days so I’m going to buy the Memory Maker regardless. If you’d like to share the cost, would you be open to pitching in some? I was thinking $40 and I’ll end up paying $129, but that’s still better than $169.

When I return from my trip on September 8th, we’ll connect as friends and I’ll give you my log in so that you can download all of your pics without the watermark.

Willing to discuss if you have any questions. Talk soon! - Lesley

We are going Sept 21. I would be interested in sharing MM if it works out.