Memory Maker Share January 2024

ETA: No longer interested in a share.

We’re heading to the World on Jan. 15, and I was looking to connect with someone for a shared Memory Maker. I haven’t found any posts. If I’m missing a special place for those, someone please direct me! I’ve never done MM at all, let alone a share, so if there’s someone with some experience who’d like to join up, great!


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Have you found a share group yet? My crew is going to be in the world beginning 2/1, and I’m open to a MM share. I’ve led a group once before and can do so again. We can talk details through pm. Anyone else interested with mid Jan to early Feb dates?

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I just went ahead and added it to our package, so not looking for a share at this point. Thanks for the offer, though!

I’m going to be there starting Jan 7 and would be interested in a MM Share - would that give you enough overlap? (This is my first ever WDW trip so consider me totally novice when it comes to setting up stuff like this)

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I sent you a message.

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We now have a share going. If anyone else traveling in January through first week of February, let me know if you’re interested.

I’ll be traveling solo from January 15th through January 23rd and would be interested in a memory maker share. How exactly does it work? Thanks!

Hello, I saw your note on the Touring Plans website. I just signed up and was looking for a Memory maker Share. We’ll be at World and all the parks there from 2/5 - 2/11 in case it works out and you are looking for another share member for Memory Maker!

I will be in WDW Jan 22-25 and I am interested. Never done it before!

We’re now full for the January share. Thanks everybody!