Memory Maker Share Group?

It’s been a few years since I was a leader for a MM share group. I created a dummy account and sent email invite to each family from the dummy account. How do I make sure each person in their travel party can scan their MB for photos if they want to?

That is on them to enable “See my Disney PhotoPass photos” under their settings of your friendship.

Each person in the travel party needs to be added as a friend to the dummy account. Once the primary account holder has accepted the invitation, their “friends and family” members will be able to be invited to also join “friends and family” of the dummy account.

Sounds like Photopass has gotten the kybosh with the layoffs? I have read that the entire cast of photopass at DL was cut and a lot at WDW too. Has anyone seen an official announcement from Disney?

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That would be so sad. My family really enjoyed our pictures from our October 2019 trip. I have a couple of questions for Disney, so I will add that to my call list.

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So they have to check this on their end in your own personal My Disney Experience account? Where do they find it?

So their “friends and family” that they already have in their account automatically would be linked to dummy account when they accept the invitation I emailed from dummy account?

Just seeing this, but I hadn’t heard about the whole Photopass group getting cut! My memory maker share kicks off tomorrow so I guess we will find out soon. Hopefully it isn’t the entire WDW cast, but with such dramatically shorter hours and there has to be less demand for masked photos that I guess it does make sense that a portion of the photogs would be let go.

If they see the “dummy” listed as their friend, then they would click on the dummy and make sure that they dummy is allowed to “see my disney photopass photos”.

Nope, not ALL at WDW

Just ALL at DL

But many at WDW too

Let us know your experience!!

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no, they will not automatically be linked. After the primary account holder has accepted the invitation to be friends with the dummy account, they will each need to be invited to also be friends with the dummy account. Only those who show up on the dummy account as “friends & family” will have their photos attached to the account

I sure hope that when/if (:cry:) DLR opens, they will call some of them at least back to work.

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