Memory Maker Share for mid-October - mid-November

Hello. I have set up two in the past but I would rather have someone else take the reigns this time but I will if I have to.

My travel dates are Nov. 3-7 and my girlfriend is running the wine and dine half marathon, so it would be great for her to have those pics.

Please let me know if we can all set something up.

If we get 6 families the cost would be about $28 each.

My family is going Oct. 20-27th. I would be up for doing it with more people added. I have never set up a share before. I’m not against doing it just worried I’d make a mistake or something.

I called my friend after I posted this to get her in on the share. She actually will be buying MM and we will just link on to hers.

I’ll need to delete this post but I can’t do it from mobile

My family will be there Nov 3-7 at different parks and would like to get in on a share. Let me know if its not too late and how to do it.

This post was from 2017. You might want to start a new post for a new share :slight_smile: