Memory Maker share for June 2016

I have seen discussion of this before but never bothered to look into purchasing. Now that Disneyland has added the Photopass pics to my pass, we love it!!

Is anyone going to be there at this time that we could possibly get a share going?


Are you wondering about Disneyland or Disney World?

Disney world. I’ll be there from June 16-23, 2016

Our family of 5 will be in Disney world 15-22 June 2016. Would love to share but don’t know the first thing about setting it up!

I found some info online about how to go about this…

one person would purchase memory maker and invite the other person to “plan with you” from the My Disney Experience tab. You would need to link accounts under Friends and Family. On the person who did NOT purchase MemoryMaker, make sure that they have clicked so that the buyer can see and purchase their photos.

I would like to participate. We’ll be there June 1-5.

Well, this makes three families sharing. Works for me! Everyone else?

Yes! Works for me! I sent you a PM with my email, wickedale!

Hi wickedale want to participate but don’t know how to send
you a private message with my email.

Sounds good Rochelle and FLFan. I’ll work on it this weekend.

Rochelle I did get an email that has your personal email.

FLFan I’m not sure how to send DMs yet either :slight_smile:

I’m 6/1-6/8. I’d like to share. Thanks!

Click on the user’s name and then click “send message”.

Please see this post. This is how our group did it last year.

Do you have room for 1 more family? we will be there May 29- June 4.

@donk I believe we do! Send me a private message with your email address.

I will need to confirm the timeframe for MM as well

Alright. I have four people (families) who have sent messages and responded here to get the sharing set up. With me, this is 5, so I think we should cut it off here.

I am going to set up a group email in the next few days, if everyone is ok with that. I’ll send out the info you will need to PayPal me the payment and what account info you need for MDE.

Thanks for expressing interest to get the share going!