Memory maker share for July/August 2016

I am looking for a memory maker share group for July 2016. I have not done one before but have read about them. I would prefer to do one with at least one person who has experience with them so it is done correctly. My dates are July 14-22 and I am going with my husband.

I’m interested! No experience, but I’ve read all about it. I’ll be there July 27-Aug 2.

Awesome, hopefully we can find a few more people to get the cost per person down.

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I’m going to post this on EasyWDW Forums and see if there is anyone over there that might want to join.

Sounds good

I am interested if you still have room. Dates are July 30 thru August 8

Yes we still have room, I think I have one more person interested on easy WDW forums so that would give us four. I’m not sure what the next step would be, we probably all need to get together in one place. I’ll see if the other person can jump over here.

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Great thanks.

I’m interested! It’s me, blbrodger1 (Bethany!) from the easywdw boards. Thanks so much for including me. My dates are August 6 - August 11.

Hi Bethany! Glad you made it over here. Have you done a MM share before? I don’t think anyone else has, but if not that’s okay I’m sure we can all figure it out together.
Anyone want to volunteer to lead? I saw a Memory Maker Share guide for 99 cents that seems to have good feedback on the EasyWDW boards, maybe that would be a good option to get so we know all the details of how it’s done? Let me know your thoughts.

Looks like a good option to me

Hi! I’ve participated in a MM share, but have not been in charge of it. I also saw the 99 cent guide and am happy to volunteer to set it up, although I have never led a share. If someone else wants to lead, I’m happy to defer to them. :smile:

I’m good with whatever works for you all. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you would be a good leader Bethany since you have at least participated before, if that’s okay with you? My name is Jerrika by the way. I’ll download that ebook since I’d like to read through it anyway, and I’ll see if there is a way to share it with you all.

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Sounds great, Jerrika!

So here are the dates that I have for everyone:
Jerrika July 14-22
Mandy July 27-Aug 2
Teresa July 30-Aug 8
Bethany Aug 6-11
Jessica Aug 2-Aug 8

I have the PDF that Jerrika sent and will work on the timeline in the next few days.

Please give your email address to me so that I can invite you to the dummy MDE account that I created.

Have a great day everyone!

Hi there! Looks like I need your name as well as the email. You can send a private message to me with the information if you’d like so you don’t have to post it on the public forum.

I’m here now. I will send you my info.

Ok, so now we are full and ready to proceed. There is some good news and choices to be made. First, the pre-order price of Memory Maker went down to $149 so as long as it stays the same, we will be paying less than last year. We have some time if we would like to wait to purchase it, as it is understandable that it is early and people’s plans sometimes change. We will pick a date that it will be purchased. I will collect via Paypal (which I will give more info on), and purchase the Memory Maker via the dummy Magical Disney Experience account.

I have no preference on the date we purchased, our plans are firm so I can pay now or later. As long as it leaves enough time for everything to be activated. At what point does time limit start? Is it when the first picture is taken?