MEMORY MAKER SHARE for 6/21 - 6/26 at WDW?

Hi - We will be at WDW 6/21-6/26. Would anyone like to share Memory Maker during or close to these times?


Hello will be there 6/22- 6/28.

YES!!! We will be there June 13-22 and would love to share.

Do you need anyone else? We will be there 6/21 - 6/27.

Interested in joining. My dates are June 6-13. It would be great to get the costs down. Please let me know if you need help at all. I’ve never hosted one but I’ve been doing tons of research on it.

We are 6/22-29. If you need another family let me know. I could give you my email if needed. Not sure how this works. I plan to do MM anyway even if I do it just us so it would be nice to consider an option to get cost down.

Can someone tell me how this works?