Memory Maker share December 2022

I am debating purchasing Memory Maker for our December trip, or perhaps doing a Memory Maker Share.

But I am first wondering about how Disney photos work without Memory Maker. If we get several photos from the Disney photographers around the parks, how does that work? Do we still see them in MDE…and then…we would only pay for those we download? How much is it to download each photo that way?

ETA: Changed the title of this thread in light of the swift response…and now looking to see if anyone might be interested in doing a Memory Maker Share for December 2022.

You still see them in MDE but they are watermarked.

It used to be you could buy them individually, but I just tried and get promoted to buy one of the MM packages or go print them. Not sure if something has changed there…

Oh! I thought there was an option to buy individual photos for download at some price (like $20 each or something crazy like that). So, either I’m misremembering, or they changed it.

In that case, Memory Maker might be in my future. So…perhaps I’ll set up a share, if anyone else is interested.

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Agreed, I definitely remember at some point being able to get a single photo for something crazy like you said.

I am bumping this post to see if there is anyone interest in this MM share. It doesn’t have to actually be December. Since we will be there Dec. 4 to Dec. 12, it could be in the weeks around that date, including end of November.

Just let me know here or through PM.

I have one other person interested so far, as an update…so if you are planning to go during late November/early December, let me know.

If you and the other people were able to fit early January into the mix, I would take you up on the offer. (through January 8.

I believe it is a total of 45 days of photos and 30 days from the first photo downloaded.

I would if, we were still going in December. Our 7 days (December 3-10) were very similar to your days. Best wishes!

I’m in. I participated in one of these back in January and really appreciated it. We have five profiles I’d like to add to the share. We could get away with as little as two if we really had to but with the way our group of eight splits up sometimes, five would be best. Our first day in the park is December 14th and last day in the parks is December 20th.

I am planning Dec.3-5 and would be interested.

Very good. Looks like we are full up now. FYI.

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Wonderful! Looking forward to it. Thanks for organizing.