Memory Maker Share - August 2015

I saw someone post about doing this in September and it sounded like a great idea. I would like to see if anyone is interested in sharing a Memory Maker beginning in early August (8/2-8/11/2015). I would prefer for my dates to be the start of the Memory Maker share - so that would mean that the Memory Maker would run from August 2 through the 31st.

Per that other post ( ):

"If you are not familiar with what a Memory Maker share group is, basically you get a group of people together who are all going to be traveling to Disney World around the same time and you split the cost of the Memory Maker package. You have 30 days from the date that the first picture was taken until the last picture is taken. Then you have a period of time (I believe it is something like 60-90 days?) to actually go in and download those pictures.

The advantage to doing this is is that the entire group can split the cost of one Memory Maker share package. So instead of paying $169 you get to split the cost between the number of groups that you have."

If anyone is interested in joining up with my group to do a Memory Maker share please reply to this thread.

I will send you some detail that I just posted this morning. There were several of us who are travelling close to your dates, and we’re just patching together a share or three, I think…

Argh, can’t add you…it was a PM and I guess it’s locked to the original list of users. I will watch the developments (literally, I just posted to start the share about 30 minutes ago) and I’ll point someone with similar dates in your direction (maybe tag them here if it’s OK). I’m pretty confident we can work it out!

Happy Tuesday!

Great! Thanks @TheHoodlumsMom!

If anyone is traveling into end of August and into September, I’m trying set up a share as well!

@kperantie Do you still need people for the first week of August? I may be interested. Not quite sure how this works though.

I need a memory maker from August 4th till August 14th, so this would be a perfect share for me. How does it work to share a MM and how much will it cost to share?
We are travelling from Belgium, I Don’t know if this will be a problem?

I’m not exactly sure how it works either, but would love to jump in on one. But I may be too late??

@zolagrif I thought I saw a thread for a September share. You might look for that. This is my first time doing on of these but I think we need to keep all the trips in a fairly small window.

Thanks - my share is all full!

@EllenW and @annewtaylor This is my first time trying this too so I’m not totally up on all the details. In essence we split the cost for a Memory Maker, so there is no additional charge. It costs $169 (as long as we buy at least 3 days in advance) so we would split that 3 ways if was just us. I think the optimum size is 4-6 families to get the price really reasonable.

There is a guy who is kind of the expert on these and he has written an e-book that explains the whole process. It’s $1 so I downloaded it, but I haven’t gone through it since I’d had no responses. Here’s the link if you are interested.

He is also very active on forums where he answers lots of questions under the name DopeyRunr. Here’s a bunch of threads.

I just noticed there is a thread over there asking for this same timeframe. Maybe we could link up with someone over there and get the cost down even more. And maybe get someone to lead who has done this before.

I posted there and I will let you know if I hear anything. Otherwise I will read through that e-book and figure out what we need to do. Even sharing 3 ways cuts the cost pretty significantly.

Thanks for all the info! I’ll see if I can get in on that one too!

I was able to get in on that other share so I think I’m going to do that. I am nervous about being able to run it myself, with no experience so this works out a lot better for me. I hope you guys are able to get something done.

@kperantie I understand. Do you know if it’s full? Was going to post there, but had to register and waiting for approval…

@ annewtaylor Unfortunately I think it is full. I asked if they were open to adding any more, but they already had all they wanted. I’m sorry to back out on you.

@kperantie no worries at all! I’ll figure something out! Glad you found one!

@EllenW Are you still trying to find a group? I am! Please take a look at your messages, I just sent you one about this!

If anyone else is interested, starting the first wk of Aug, let me know!

Do you need anyone else? We will be there Aug 22-27


@Kitkatt So sorry, just seeing this! I’m leaving Sat. and decided not to do the share, couldn’t get one together. Hope you find one!

Looking to start a new share if I can find 3-5 interested parties. Our dates are Aug 15-23.