Memory Maker Share - August 18' (2.0)

We are taking a trip August 14th-20th. Would anyone be interested in getting a share together?

possibly. aug 15 to the 27th.

Great. I think if we can get at least 5 people aboard it’ll be worth it.

This would be my first time running a share, but I’ve read up on the process and it seems easy enough for everyone. I intend to create a ghost account, share credentials, and allow everyone to download photos from there.

Giving this one last bump before going at it solo :slight_smile:

Hi. I’m looking to join a share. My dates are 8/29-9/4

I’m still up for it if we can get a couple more people. I’m 8/14-8/20.

We are going 8/10 - 8/16.

I didn’t know this was a thing. Can you link to a post that explains how it works? Or would you mind giving me the short explanation?

I assume the parties split the cost and we all use one MM somehow?

Sent you an overview of how it works. Basically, we set up a dummy MDE account, link the MM to it and each of our accounts. We can then access the dummy account for picture edits and downloads.

Currently, we have a group of 5.

So, could I be the 6th? Or are you done with 5?

Yes. Currently our travel times are:


So you’d have to wait until 9/4 to download photos. If you’re good with that and the cost ($28.17), PM me your name and I’ll add you to our FB Messenger group.