Memory Maker Ride Photos

Hi all, is there any resource somewhere that lists all of the rides and restaurants that have photos that can get added to your memory maker? The Memory Maker FAQs are quite vague on this. I think in my mind, it is mostly the thrill rides that have the on-ride pictures and I heard something about a video from 7DMT, but is there a list anywhere? We’re going with a baby so won’t be doing too many of the roller coasters. Does Tusker House do a photo op? Thanks!

Hopefully someone else can chime in on a list especially of the restaurants. As far as attractions go, 7DMT does an on-ride video, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, Splash Mountain, Dinosaur, Hollywood Tower of Terror does an on-ride video (or did), Expedition Everest, Frozen Ever After and those are all that come to mind currently but I’m sure there’s one or two I’m missing.

Test Track and Rock N Roller Coaster… knew I forgot a few

Tusker House does not have a photo pass photographer there with the characters, but I feel like there was one outside the restaurant at least at one point (I know my June 2015 trip MM download included photos of our entire family outside the restaurant). I know CRT and Aker have a photo pass photographer (the one at Aker is just with belle, not sure about CRT) but those pics are included in the cost of you meal. There was also a photog outside 1900 park fare but again, not in with the characters. There are photo pass photographers at most other character m&g throughout the parks. And there are photographers at random locations who will take pictures/ do magic shots that are also included in MM.

There was a MM photographer at Enchanted Story with Belle. The photographers are also there at both waterparks.

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Is the MM worth it? I bought it last time back in 2011 and honestly we did not use a single photo- all we ever used (in photo books or frames) were the ones we took. Also are the mm photographers at the character greet locations (like elsa and Anna in Norway, or with snow white in Germany)?

On a solo trip it was very worth it to me (on a share). Next trip is as a couple and we’re sharing with actual friends of his who are going the same time. But for me, its nice to just stop every time I see a photographer with a short line. Some of their shots turned out better than others, but it added nice variety to trip pics.

Lol, hit post too soon, but yes to MM photogs with characters. They’re only not with characters at character meals I think.

We find it very much worth it. It helps if you keep it in mind as your going to the parks, as @jenphalian mentions, and jump in when there are short lines.
There’s always a photog at the bridge between France & UK at EP, and also at the fountain in France. Great, lesser known spots to get nice shots.
They’re also at Disney Springs at various locations.
I think utilizing as many opportunities as possible will give it a great sense of value. If you’re more the type to blow past the photographers, it might not be as much of a benefit.

I really wish they would be at the character meals too. It seems crazy to me that they’re not.

I really enjoyed it on our recent trip. Did it as a share made the cost much more affordable. I got hundreds of photos, including a few videos and several “magic” photos (images of characters added afterwards, like Tinkerbell in your hand). AK had photographers at the bridge near Everest and behind the tree of life, so you get them in the background. Not all characters had Disney photographers - Mary Poppins/Alice in Epcot and Tarzan at AK did not. I just asked the people behind me, or the character’s handler, to use my camera.

Note that 7DMT has a video and picture, but only if you have a Magic Band on. Then, it takes the pic/vid of the person wearing the Magic Band. So, in our case, we stayed off site and only my son had a Magic Band (because he thought it was cool). He was in the car behind my other son. When the picture came, my other son was in it, but off center, as the camera only took a picture of the car with the Magic Band. The next year, I made sure both boys had a Magic Band, but they sat together that time anyway.

Just letting you know, as there’s no place to swipe or tap a MM card, if it’s not attached to your account and Magic Band. You didn’t say if you were staying off site or on site, so this may be important to you.

Thanks everyone! This is really helpful. Do you usually ask for the “magic” shots or do the photographers suggest specific poses for them to add magic to?

We had to ask for them.