Memory Maker question at MNSSHP

I have two accounts, one “real” account with memory maker, our hotel stay, and park tickets, and a dummy account that I reassigned our MNSSHP tickets to, so I can book 3 FP for our Epcot park day and 3 FP’s at the party later that night.
But I really want to use memory maker at the party too. Since my “dummy” profiles are Friends of my “real” profile, will the dummies be able to use the memory maker at the party?
Hope this scenario makes sense. Thanks!

I responded on your other post. This in a non issue. Just use your primary profile MBs to scan photos at the party. Easy peasy! Technically your dummy RFID cards will also work but they won’t pick up the ride photos. Keep it simple :grinning:

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Thank you so much, you’re so helpful to this newbie. :slight_smile:

Ha! For a “newbie” you are doing some pretty advanced planning and FP tricks! You go, liner :rofl:

Thanks! I already have like 5 different TP’s for each day, I’m so Type A I want to get on the most rides with the least amount of waiting possible. I love this community, some of the other Disney planning facebook groups I joined previously would kick me off if they thought I was “gaming” the Disney system. I figure if you can do this tips/tricks, why not? LOL