Memory Maker Picture stops

We are new to Memory Maker and fairly new to WDW. I want to make sure that we get plenty of great photos on our trip this summer. What are the “can’t miss” spots where we need to make sure we stop for a picture? Is there a list somewhere? I have 3 boys, ages 7, 11, and 14, so we won’t be doing many character meets…if any.

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Obviously the Cinderella’s Castle is going to be on everyone’s list and then the iconic landmarks in each park like the Epcot Ball, Tower of Terror, The Tree of Life and even some of the rides like Everest comes to mind. From there I think it is just what you find to be magical?

I don’t think there is a list anywhere? But the great thing is you will see is that Disney photographers standing in the best spots for pictures in every park which helps take the guess work out of where to get those great shots. For example when you first walk into Magic Kingdom there are photographers every 20 - 30 feet all the way up Main Street to the castle and you can stop at any or all of them and get a photo and scan it to your band. And don’t forget to have everyone in your party scan their magic bands when you get off of rides and when you get those snap shots with characters as well as it will all go on your linked Memory Maker account as long as they are all linked to you as friends and set up to share photos.

The Memory Maker is one of my must have things when going to Disney because I was always excluded from the photos because I was always taking them! And I still do take my own photos but it is golden to not have to grab my camera as to not miss every special moment and to be in the photos as well.

Disney also includes surprise photos and even integrated videos with you on the rides. It is pretty cool! Our last trip was three years ago and we are about to go again in a couple weeks and can’t wait!!!

Maybe the video I made on our last trip will help you get an Idea of what kind of photos to expect as I used plenty of them in it along with the videos they make as well for the 7 Dwarfs ride and Tower of Terror ride. Here is a link if you care to watch it?

Hope you have a great vacation!


Just a suggestion for you:
Whenever you see a photographer with 3 ppl or less in line, just stop and do it, unless you are in a real rush. Also, most of them will not stop you and ask, they might have nobody in line, and appear to be standing around doing nothing, or possibly checking their equipment, don’t be shy, walk right up to them and ask, they will happily oblige. Usually once someone asks them, two more groups immediately jump over to get a picture as well. If you see a photographer just standing there, ask for a photo - don’t pass up the opportunity assuming they are doing something. Get your money’s worth.


This is a great tip. Thanks!

That was a great video! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the tips. I have already started prepping my crew that we WILL be stopping for pics whenever I want to…no whining allowed!

I suggest making time for the lantern pic by the Rapunzel bathrooms at night in Magic Kingdom. They are special. I like any of the pics in France both during the day and night. Character Locator website has all the magic shots listed which is nice. It is a membership sight run by former liner Kennythepirate.
There are photo booths included in memorymaker. We never did them but I read about them. Have fun!