Memory Maker / PhotoPass Share (Oct. 26-Nov. 3)

Hi! I’m looking for a few others to share Memory Maker/PhotoPass with. We will be at Disney World from October 26-November 3. If you are interested please let me know. I’ve never done this before, so it will be a learning opportunity. I am also a member of the Facebook group, but haven’t had any luck finding anyone there. Thanks!

Ooo, I hope you find someone! I thought I’d post a reply to bump this up to the top of the “latest” feed. I’m not sure how to do “bump for help” but let’s try this.

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I will be in the world with two daughters October 22-27. Any idea if we can still share?

@luv4pluto I will be in the world at the same time, I already have a shared memory maker, but cool to see who else will be there

Are you still wanting to share?

Hey @Jedi have any more room in your memory maker group? Did you use a dummy MDE account?

Sorry Our group is full, and it wasn’t mine to create. It was a leap of faith with a liner and others she set up. I do believe she used a dummy account.

Sorry :frowning:

Are you still looking to share? Our dates are Nov. 13-21st…but I’m pretty sure the pictures are good for 45 days after taken

If you have room still, I’ll be there 10/26 - 11/2 and would like to join.