Memory maker or not?

Memory maker sounds great, but expensive. If I don’t buy this, do I still have access to all the pictures and videos for individual purchase?

In the past, I made a book of all the pictures I liked through the Disney website. I was also able to put in personal pictures into the book. Will I still be able to do that if I don’t purchase memory maker?

Thanks for the help. I was able to find info on memory maker, but nothing about not buying memory maker. lol

Yes you can still purchase then individually, I believe they are $15 each. I will say we were on the fence about mm but so glad we ended up getting it. All the ride photos and shots we got were worth way more. Just with the two of us we ended up with over 200 photos.

But you don’t get actual pictures, you get the digital downloads… is that right? You still have to pay to print them. Is that right?

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That’s right…you only get the downloads. But you can print them anywhere you want, even after you use the Disney site to add frames and stickers etc. to your pics. I used my digital downloads to make Snapfish photobooks for a fraction of the cost it would have been through Disney. I loved Memory Maker. We got a lot of really nice professional looking photos, (including magic shots, which are awesome!) for our memory book. And the ride photos and videos were cool, too.

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This will be our fourth time purchasing Memory Maker (or its predecessor). We have always walked away with hundreds of pictures, including all of the ride photos. We also usually do character dining at one or two of the biggies (Tusker House, CRT, Akershus, etc) and those photos are also included. Although it is pricey, it has proven to be worth it in the # of pictures, the extra pics (rides and dining) and the fact that I’m not always looking through a viewfinder.

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Absolutely worth it. I just got back from a 4 day trip and got over 300 pics taken. Plus you get on ride videos and the (sometimes cheesy) Magic Shots.