Memory Maker July/August 2019 Share?


I was wondering if anybody was leading a Memory Maker Share in July/August 2019? I have been part of them in the past but never lead them so was hoping to join one rather than lead one. My dates are 20th July - 10th August.

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I am going 7/27 - 8/4. I have memory maker and would be glad to share it with you. We have 9 people on our reservation. I have no idea how to set up a share though. If you don’t find anyone else we can probably figure it out together.
We have the same last name too.

I will be there August 1-4. I would be interested in a share. It’s only myself, husband, and our son who will be turning 9 on the trip so I didn’t know if MM was worth it for just the 4 days for us three. If we shared though it would be! Do you know exactly how it works?


Our trips are getting close, so exciting!

I don’t know how it works. I know people set up dummie MDE accounts and link all the plans to there.

I have MM set up for our trip and would be glad to share it with you. I don’t need money towards it, we have a lot of people going.

If you send me your email, I will send you an invite to share my MDE plans once you are linked to that, you should be able to share my MM.

After that I would say I would just give you me MDE login and we can each download our pictures, or I could probably download them all and send you yours.

I am not really worried about you doing anything diabolical to my MDE account, thus the reason for the Dummie MDE account, although I am often too trusting.

I think it should work once we get our accounts linked so your pictures get on that MM. Someone tell me if I am wrong.

You are amazing!!! My email is (yes old school aol haha- I’m now 36 and I’ve had this email since I was 18!!). I promise I will not do anything to your account!!! You are welcome to add me on fb so you can see I’m a real person :joy:. I don’t mind at all to give money towards it though.