Memory Maker good for more than 30 days?

I thought MM was good for trips in a 30 day period. I did a big character M&G day trip with my kids November 21st. I knew I would be going to a Christmas party with DD6, so I waited until after that (December 5th) to buy MM. I bought it about a week after, and downloaded all of our pictures from Nov. 21st and Dec. 5th. It was well worth it!

Imagine my surprise when I logged in yesterday to add a ETWB PP number to my account from this past Sunday (January 4th). I intended to download and pay for a couple pictures of DD6 as Beast, but when I tried, it let me download them to my computer without any charges. Was this a fluke, or is MM good for more than 30 days?

Hi ! I am pretty sure you have 45 days to edit and download you MM pics. :smile:

It’s good for 30 days from the first download. Because you purchased MM (not the advanced purchase) after your second trip and the pictures had not expired, you got those and then you get an additional 30 days from your first download.

Good to know! Thanks!