Memory Maker family members linking question

Memory Maker question…I have purchased the Memory Maker. We have 6 total family members linked to my Disney Experience for resort, dining, fastpasses, tickets. The memory maker is assigned to me. When I look at each individual family member that is linked it does not show the Memory Maker for them. Do I need to link each family member in some way or will they be able to automatically use the memory maker just because they are linked to my account and I have purchased it.

Only the person who purchased Memory Maker will have it listed on their account.

If you are linked in My Disney Experience and you can see them to share reservations, fastpasses, etc. Then you are normally fine to be able to view/download their photos under your Memory Maker purchase.

The default when adding someone as Family/Friend is for the “My Disney Photopass photos” to usually be selected. You can have THEM check by going into THEIR My Disney Experience account. Go under Family/Friends. Find the listing for your. Hit Update… and make sure the box for “My Disney Photopass Photos” is selected. If it is, when they scan their band, their photos will show under their My Disney Experience app/account with the WDW Watermark, and if they try to download or share, it will ask them to purchase… HOWEVER when you look under your photos in the App/Web, you’ll see your photos and theirs without water marks, and can download/share them as you like.

Keep in mind, until they scan their first photo, if they look in the app under photos, they may see a screen prompting them to purchase Memory Maker. This is normal. You might see it too until you scan your first picture.

If they want to add frames, stickers, etc. they MUST log into a PC as your My Disney Experience account to do it, and download the pictures.