Memory Maker download process

I love Memory Maker. However, the process of downloading your photos from web site is one of the worst experiences I had on the internet in many years. It’s terrible. I honestly question how likely non “tech-savy” people are to get all of their photos using this interface.

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It is a little maddening. And unnecessarily so, given that plenty of other places have photo download platforms that work well (or at least better). MM is not user-friendly for sure.

I whole-heartedly agree with you! I tried evening after evening to download from there after we returned from our trip and finally had to do it in my office to get it to work. It was SOOO frustrating!

ugh i agree

well, this is a disheartening post to read for a lady who LITERALLY just called and added the MM to our package.
I feel new posts and questions in my future.

I love having the pictures and I bought memory maker again for an upcoming trip. The download process is just lacking and takes time but I have all my pictures from the last trip and for that I am thankful :slight_smile:

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I agree. It’s worth it - it just seems to take more time than it needs to.