Memory Maker Details


Hi-leaving for the World in about 10 days with 9 of my nearest and dearest. We all went in on a Memory Maker together. Want to make sure I understand any details…I know we can ask any photographer to take our picture and will link with our MBs. What about ride? Do I have to stop at the booth and identify our pictures to link them or does it read it automatically? Anything else we should know? I read there is a studio at Disney Springs? Is that included? Want to make sure we get the full use :slight_smile: Thanks!


Don’t forget to ask for Magic Shots! You don’t have to tap for pictures at rides. The Disney Springs studio is included.


Oh, and I forgot, on MDE you can filter for Photo Pass Photographers and see where they are stationed.


Rides will link to your MB automatically although I was really paranoid and scanned my MB whenever I could just in case.
Have a great time!!


The only one you might want to visit the CM about is ETWB at MK and the Jedi training at HS. Another liner tipped me off on that. Apparently you get alllllllll the pictures of everyone involved, but you can stop at a photo pass location and have them just load photos with your party in them.


What are Magic Shots?


+Also, if you see any photo booths around they are also included. For instance when you are in the store after riding Space Mountain and one in front of Primeval Whirl.


The cool pictures the photographers take with magic added to them. There are tons of them. Examples:


Thanks for the reminder! I forgot about those.


Personally, I don’t like Magic Shots. I prefer to capture our actual trip, and not an essentially photoshopped version of it! :slight_smile: The fact is, Tinkerbell was NOT in our hand, etc.

But, I can see the appeal for many. And I suppose getting a good one might make for a nice cover to the photobook we make after every trip.

Still, I just hope when we go I don’t have to keep telling them that I DO NOT want them.


I make sure they take both so that we have a normal photo the location and then some Disney silliness too. Totally agree that I would not want only those.


Photobooths are included?! I thought you had to pay for them separately!



As long as you’re wearing a 2nd Generation MB. Those of us who have older ones can’t take advantage of this.


Very true amiga!


Oh! I just didn’t realize those had a name…DCA 2017


Photobooths?! Guess I’ve never noticed any…


Here, I just found this:


Thank you!!! I’m also look for pressed penny machines so seaching for photobooths adds to my collecting spirit.


I didn’t use many of the magic shots afterwards but I found them invaluable in changing my children’s perspective on stopping to get our pictures taken. They never complained about stopping or taking the picture because they were hoping there was a magic shot after the regular ones and then they couldn’t wait to see what magic had been added. The magic shots were what got me all my regular shots without whining and complaining :slight_smile: