Memory maker at Enchanted tales with Belle

Hello, I know that enchanted tales with belle is a photopass location but do they take photos during the show with Belle or just afterward with belle? I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to purchase memory maker so am trying to figure out how many photos we would actually get . Thanks :slight_smile:

They will take photo’s wherever their is a Disney Photographer available. There is a discount for purchasing Memory Maker ahead of time but you can still purchase a photo package or Memory Maker any time. You get a photo card from the photographer or they scan your magic band each time they take your photo. Doesn’t matter at that point if you buy or not. The thing is if you know you will have them take a lot of your pictures than get Memory Maker before you go and with your package. If unsure how many pictures you are going to have taken by them then I would wait until the end of your vacation and visit a photo shop at WDW and see what they have and how many you like. It costs more this way but it may be your best option. Most people now have smart Phone camera’s or personnel camera’s. Many Disney photographers will take pictures using your camera as well as their own. Just a thought.

Yes they take pictures during Enchanted Tales with Belle.

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We received a ton of photos from our trip to Enchanted Tales w/ Belle. It is similar to the Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios where the photographer gives you a paper card with a barcode and you scan it to MDE to link your pictures. We love those photos!


I also debated whether to purchase memory maker. I had my own camera, would we see many of Disney photographers? , was it worth the money? I was so glad i bought it. . We had tons of pictures to choose from and Picts of our entire group that i would not have had without it. Would definitely do it if you have kids.
And they did take photos during the enchanted tales show plus at the end each child got to pose with belle
Also there are cameras on many rides that capture action shots and photo opportunities when meeting different characters

Loved having the memory maker on our last trip because it let me be in the pics too! :):grin:

Follow up on this - If I take the ETWB memory maker card to the Photo Pass location at Town Hall, can they load just my pictures onto our account instead of the entire groups?

Yes I assume so, they can for JTA.

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