Memory Maker and Sharing a Memory Maker

We are only going for 5 days this trip and we are not doing any character meets, is the memory maker not for us?

How does one share a memory maker? How many people can share?

If I decide that it’s right for us: Does anyone want to share? I’ll be there 9/15/14 - 9/19/14.

I not an avid poster on lines, but user name used to be bgitters. I changed it bc it kept getting mispelled. So, you know that I am not new to Lines.


We don’t do character meals so I really debated it when we went in April. Decided to do because 1. In ride photo 2. Only chance of getting family in a picture 3. Not having to carry camera.

I’m not sure how you often you have need to WDW, but the Memory Maker is pretty expensive. I’m not sure how you would share since magic bands have been introduced.

Tom Bricker, a Disney enthusiast and photographer wrote a review -

However, maybe something like the Attractions+ card would be more beneficial at $44.95 for the on-ride photos.

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Nice comparison chart on memory maker.

Also I am pretty sure ride photos are included with memory maker.

Thanks @Michelej567,@Crimeguy and Snuggly_duck. It is expensive to so the memory maker and photo pass +. I thought that I saw somewhere that people can share, but I must be mistaken. I always have an odd face in the ride pictures, so I would not want those picture.

Doesn’t look like the cost would be worth it for us.

Thanks for all of your help!

I think it may be a must for our next extended family trip.

This is exactly how I did it… It took me 2 days to get 4 families. Very easy.
The basics:

  1. Set up a Ghost MDE account & buy MM, invite yourself…your “real” MDE as a friend.
  2. Find other families & give them the login info for the ghost account, so they can connect their family/friends.
  3. Get reimbursed on PayPal.
  4. Upload all the pics of your family from the Ghost Account within 45 days.
    It works. It’s easy.

Thank you so much!!! I just need to find people now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Would anyone be interested in sharing Memory Maker? I am hoping to get three more families to reduce the cost. I will in the world 9/15 - 9/19. I would be willing to set up the account and pay for the Memory Maker. PayPal can be used to pay your cost.

Another liner recommended this site to explain how it works

This is good information. I am going 10/21-10/27 was trying to get DH to agree, maybe if I could share it with a few that might be better for me getting it. Thank you.

I am going Oct. 26-Nov. 3. I’m going to create a group on Facebook for those going the end of Oct. to the beginning of Nov. Are you on Facebook Jedilogray? If so and you’re interested, private message me your name and I can add you to the group. There are 3 families so far, so you’d be the 4th.

We got it free with our stay in early July. We used it even after our stay and we able to share it with our DD and family. The pictures are great but do not include any during character breakfast.

Sorry I don’t do facebook. my email is jedilogray @ Would all of our dates work I think it’s a two week window

Hi I am going 9/22-9/24 it’s a quick two day trip but a first for my boyfriend. So I was going to get the memory maker and would love to split the cost. Let me know

Hi :-). We’ve closed our group. But I tagged you in another group who may have room. Good luck and have a magical trip.

Can you tag me for the other MM group for the end of October? Thanks!

@dlwood823 I’m interested! Our dates are 11/3-11/6. I’m not of FB. Thanks!

I’m sorry. Our group is full. Everyone has already paid :frowning:

I have room in our mm share if you are interested